Halal Food Restaurant Ruski Restaurant 

         Ruski Restaurant welcomes all halal food lovers with modern atmosphere for Muslim reflecting live and new concept. Various menu is provided from great chef.



American Breakfast  Toast, 2 Eggs, 2 Sausages, Fried Chicken, Juice, Fresh Fruits Coffee or Tea or Oval-tineѧ, 2 ͧ, ͡, ʹ, Ӽ, ŵԹ100.-
Khao Tom Kai / Squid / kung
Boiled Rice Chicken / Squid / kung
ǵ / ǵҡ֡ / ǵ 40./50.-
Khao Tom 
Boiled Rice
Joke Kai 
Congee with ground Chicken

Fried Rice & Fried Noodle
Khao Phad Kai or Nuea / Kung 
ried Rice with Chicken or beef / shrimp
ǼѴ /   40./45.-
Khao Phad American 
American Fried Rice
ǼѴԡѹ 60.-
Krapao Kai / Nuea Rad Khao 
Rice w/ Chicken or Beef Chili and Basil Leaves
Ҵ 40.-
Phad Prick Gaeng Kai / Nuea Rad Khao
Rice w/ Chicken or Beef in Red curry
Ѵԡᡧ Ҵ 40.-
Khao Khai Tod 
Rice w/ Minced Chicken or shrimp Thai Style Omelet
Ѻ,  40.-
Phad See-Ew Kai or Nuea / Squid / Kung
Fried Noodles with Chicken or Beef and young Gale / Squid / Kung
ǼѴ / ֡ /  40.-/45.-
Phad Thai kung Sod  
Thai Style Fried Noodles with shrimp
ǼѴ¡ʴ 50.-
Rad Na Kai or Nuea / Squid /Kung
Fried Noodles Topped with Chicken or Beef in Supreme Sauce / Squid / Kung
Ҵ˹ / ֡ /  40.-/45.-
Kuat-tiew Kai 
Noodles Soup with Chicken
ǹ ( )45.-
Macaroni Kai or Nuea / Squid /Kung 
Fried Macaroni with Chicken or Beef / Squid / Shrimp
ѡù / ֡ /45.-/50.-
Kuat-tiew Phad Kee Mao Kai or Nuea / Squid /Kung
Fried Noodles with Chicken or Beef / Squid / Shrimp
ǼѴ ͡ 45.-/50.-
Kuat-tiew Nuea Sab or Kaisub
Fried Noodles with Curried Minced Beef
Ѻ         Ѻ 40.-
Spaghetti with Meat Sauc
ء  40.-
Sandwich Tuna Tuna Sandwich on Wheat Bread᫹Ԫٹ 40.-


Grilled Beef Steak  



Chicken Fried Steak    120.-

Salad Pak, Kai / Nuea 
Mixed Green Salad with Choices of  Dressing or Chicken / Beef
Ѵѡ, , / ѹ  40.-/60.-

Som Tum Poo , Som Tum Thai, Som Tum Kung
Spicy Green Papaya Salad, Thai spicy salad, Papaya Salad with fresh Shrims

ӻ / ʴ 


Yam Woonsen 
Glass Noodle Papaya with Shrimp and Minced Chicken

Soup ᡧ

Tom Kah Kai    
Chicken and Galingale Shoots in Coconut Milk Soup



Tom Yam Kung/Squid 
Thai Hot and Spicy Shrimp or Squid Soup Seasoned with Lime, Lemon Grass and Chili
ӡ / ֡  60.-
Gaeng Kaew Wan Kai/Nuea 
Green Curry with Choice of Chicken or Beef with Coconut Milk
ᡧҹ /  60.-
Panang Kai/Nuea  
Chicken in Thick Red Curry Sauce
ṧ  60.-
Gaeng jude tao Hoo Kai sab 
Hot Soup with Dtow-hoo and Minced Chicken
ᡧ״ Ѻ 50.-
Gaeng jude Woonsen Kai sab 
Hot Soup with Glass Noodle and Minced Chicken
ᡧ״ Ѻ 50.-

Dip Dishes ͧ - Ӿԡ

Nam Prick Krapi Platu 
Chili dip served with Vegetables & Mackerel
Ӿԡл ҷٷʹ 60.-

Fried Dishes  Ѵ - ʹ


Nuea Dad Daew 
Deep Fried Dried Beef
ᴴ 60.-
Nong Kai / Peak Kai Tod 
Fried Chicken
ͧ, աʹ60.-
Kai / Nuea Tod Ka Tiem Prickthai  
Fried Chicken or Beef Garlic and Pepper
ͷʹԡ  60.-
Phad Kra Pao Kai or Nuea / Squid / Kung  
Fried Chicken or Beef with Basil Leaves / Squid /Shrimp
Ѵ / / ֡ /  50.-/ 60.-
Phad Phed Kai or Nuea / Kung 
Strirfried Chicken or Beef with Chili Paste and String Beans / Shrimp
Ѵԡԧǽѡ / 50.-/60.-
Nuea Phad Num Mun Hoi 
Fried Beef  with Oyster sauce
ͼѴѹ 60.-
Kana Nam Mun Hoi Kai or Nuea /Kung 
Fried Chinese Cabbage with Oyster sauce, Chicken or Beef / Shrimp
йҼѴѹ , / 50.-/60.-
Phad Pak Ruam Mit 
Assorted Fried Vegetable in Oyster Sauce
ѴѡԵ 50.-



Shake  Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Watermelon, Tomato, Other ӻ й ѻô ᵧ Т Ĵ١ 25.-
Ice / Hot Coffee  ͹ /
Ice / Hot Tea   ͹ /
Water   Ӵ

Health Juice


Roselle Juice    
ӡº 20.-
Bael fruit Juice   
е  20.-
Citronella (Lemongrass) Juice ӵ  20.-

Room Service Charge 10% 
Open Daily Time 07.00 am 09.00 pm